Can I know in advance how much it would cost?

Yes, you sure can. We understand that you need to get a rough idea about the mattress cleaning cost before you actually decide upon it. We at Fresh Mattress Cleaning help you take this decision more quickly by giving you an honest rough estimate of the process. However, to be able to provide you with a rough estimate there are certain things that we need to know. Our customer executives will ask you certain questions at the time of your first call and according to your requirements you will be given a rough estimate for the entire cost.

Do you provide same day mattress cleaning service?

Yes, we provide same day mattress cleaning service. We have a flexible schedule which can help your busiest schedule and we never double book. With our same day cleaning service we can arrive at your home and take care of everything by your convenience.

Where are your mattress cleaning services available?

Our mattress cleaning services are available in all suburbs of Melbourne.

Q: Do you use harmful chemicals in the process of mattress cleaning?

No, we do not use any harmful chemicals or hazardous substances in our cleaning process. We follow safe techniques of cleaning. We are the customer oriented company and consider the customers comfort the best. We use environment-friendly methods. We treat the mattresses including memory foam, innerspring, gel, and even vinyl mattresses.

For sanitizing of mattress, do you take it outdoors?

ANS: No, Fresh Mattress cleaning does sanitization of your mattress on the bed itself.

I do not find answer to my question here. Can you help?

If we have not been able to answer any of your questions here and if you do not find what you are looking for on this page then we would request you to call our customer executives at 1300 223 762. We are here to answer your queries 24x7x365 and our executives are more than happy to help you find answers. Just give us a call and we won’t disappoint you!

Do you guarantee your mattress cleaning services?

With Fresh Mattress Cleaning Melbourne, you do not have to worry about the quality of our mattress cleaning services. We provide full guarantee of our services and in case we are unable to please you with our services, you can ask us to re-do the job at no additional cost. Your satisfaction is our prime goal.

Why do I need mattress cleaning? My mattresses look clean.

This is a question that most home-owners have in mind and it is important to know why you actually need professional mattress cleaning at all. First of all, you should know that apart from dirt there are millions of other contaminants that find an easy way to enter your mattresses. Surely, you don’t see them ever but they do exist in the deepest layers of your mattresses. Allergens, moulds, bacteria, fungi, and what not! All of these have easy accessibility to your mattresses on daily basis and their presence could be fatal for the health of your loved ones.
A professional clean ensures that your mattresses remain dirt-free but more than that it ensures that it stays healthy for your family. Call us for an affordable mattress cleaning.

When do you close?

We don’t like the idea of being closed for our customers. So we don’t. Yes, we work 24 hours a day and every day of the year so that our customers can make use of our cleaning service as and when they like and not when we are not close! Need a professional mattress cleaning? Call 1300 223 762 us right away!

My mattress is all stained. Can you get rid of those stains through your mattress cleaning?

Fresh Mattress Cleaning Melbourne has proficiency in stain removal from mattresses. Mattresses are so used in every house that they are bound to get stained very often. Sometimes it is just a spill and at others it could be pet’s urine, or a vomit stain. Whatever kind of stain your mattress has, we have the right solution to get it cleaned in a nice way. Call our experienced professionals who know how to give a clean, new look to your mattresses without any difficulty.

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