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Mattress Cleaning Adelaide | 1300 309 913 | Fresh Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

Mattress Cleaning Adelaide – Contact professional Fresh mattress cleaners and get the expert mattress steam cleaning, mattress dry cleaning, bed sanitising & anti allergic treatment services. Book us for Mattress Dust Mite & Odour Removal. Guaranteed Immaculate Mattress Cleaning Results!

  • Single Sized Mattress Cleaning
  • Double Sized Mattress Steam Cleaning
  • Mattress Sanitisation Services
  • Mattress Stain Removal
  • Cot Mattress Cleaning.
  • Non Toxic Mattress Steam Cleaning Chemicals
  • Mattress Bug Removal
  • Express Mattress Cleaning Service
  • Same Day Mattress Steam Cleaning
  • Emergency Mattress Cleaning
  • Anti Allergic Mattress Treatment
  • Vomit Cleanup
  • Stain Removal

Did you know you spend more time on your mattress than any other place in your home?

Because of this little fact, mattresses accumulate dust, allergens and bacteria faster than any other furniture item around. Without regular mattress cleaning, you literally sleep in a plethora of skin cells and dust mites, which can affect your health and well-being.

Mattress Cleaning Adelaide
Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

Mattress Sanitisation Adelaide

Mattress Sanitisation is most important part of the the home. Our mattress sanitisation process involve cleaning of both sides of themattress. Cleaners are expert in removing dust mite eggs, excrement, larvae and dust mites.

Our Mattress cleaning & Mattress Sanitisation benefit you and your family in many ways. Sound and restful night sleep, no sneezing, no more itchy eyes, no more coughing and no more allergies.

Have you gone six months without a clean? You need to contact the experts in mattress cleaning Adelaide. We model ourselves on an unbeatable customer service that has built its name in the cleaning industry.
Locally owned and operated, we have established ourselves as a family professional business with an eye for detail. We will follow up on each and every customer request so that you can sleep easy in a peaceful mattress environment.

Mattress Steam Cleaning Adelaide

When it comes to deep cleaning your mattress, steam cleaning is one of the most widely used methods. The professional experts of our team are very well-known throughout Adelaide for delivering the best mattress steam cleaning. With the help of quality cleaning tools and solutions, we bring you a completely restored mattress. We, first of all, inspect your mattress, for the pre-treatment of stain, then carry out the cleaning process. Once the cleaning is done, we also quick dry and deodorise your mattress for a fresh and revived look.

Mattress Dust Mite & Stain Removal Adelaide

Empirical studies have shown that inside your mattress is an ecosystem of living dirt and bacteria. Resting in one place for more than a few hours causes a build up of shed skin cells and dust mites. Without intensive regular cleans using specialist equipment and knowledge, you can be sleeping in an environment which breeds disease.

  1. Anti Allergic Mattress Treatment
  2. Bed Bug Removal Service
  3. Dust Mite Sanitation & Removal
  4. Vomit Odor Removal from Mattress
  5. Sweat stains from Mattress
  6. Dead Skin Particles Removal Service
  7. Blood Stain & Spot Removal
  8. Dog & Cat Urine Smell & Stain Cleaning
  9. Hidden Germs & Mould Removal From your mattress
  10. Healthy Mattress Steam Cleaning Method
Mattress Dust Mites and Stain Removal Adelaide
Mattress Dust Mites and Stain Removal Adelaide

Why scheduled Mattress Cleaning is Important?

Have you had a bad service experience with a cleaning company? Have they showed up unannounced one day, or not attended a scheduled visit? We dont do any of that. With our mattress cleaning services in Adelaide, you will never have surprise visits or unexpected delays.

  1. Reduce Allergies & Skin problems
  2. Get better overnight sleep
  3. Add beauty to your home
  4. Peace of Mind when sleeping
  5. No bad or stinky odour
  6. Improve air quality
  7. Sound sleep gives you better output at work

Same Day Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

With access to bio-friendly, industry standard cleaning solutions our business can assist you to make sure you never have a bad nights sleep again. With same day convenience, we can arrive at your home and take care of everything for you.

Imagine the feel of a freshly pressed mattress. You can unlock that feeling again when our experienced team of certified cleaners arrive at your door. We have a flexible schedule that can complement even the busiest schedule and we never double book.

Pick up the phone and call us on 1300 223 762 to commission the more affordable, cost effective service in Adelaide.
Same Day Mattress Cleaning
Same Day Mattress Cleaning

Our Other Services

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning Adelaide
  • Blinds Adelaide
  • Duct Cleaning Adelaide
  • Carpet Cleaning Adelaide
  • Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide

Our Mattress Cleaning Team in Adelaide

We are a team of expert, specialized, and experienced mattress cleaners. At Fresh Mattress Cleaning, our main intention is to make sure that our customers are thoroughly satisfied and happy with our cleaning job. Our cleaners love across Adelaide so as to offer instant mattress cleaning services.

  1. Sean works as the manager of the Southern suburbs on behalf of Fresh Mattress Cleaning.
  2. Blake is responsible for providing ultimate mattress cleaning services to our clients in the Eastern suburbs.
  3. Cody manages all mattress cleaning requests from the people of the Western suburbs.
  4. Andrew is answerable to our clients’ needs of mattress cleaning across the Northern suburbs of Adelaide.
Mattress Sanitisation Adelaide
Mattress Sanitisation Adelaide

Fresh and Clean Mattresses

A mattress is where you spend 8 hours a day sleeping. And more than that, you do a lot of other stuff on your bed – playing with your kids/pets, watching TV, reading a book, or just sipping a cup of coffee. Your mattress absorbs everything – human fluids (perspiration, oil), human and pet dead skins, spillages, and what not. All these things make your mattress conducive for the growth of harmful bacteria, mould, and other dangerous contaminants. Fresh Mattress Cleaning Adelaide help you keep your mattresses clean and bedding healthy with our complete mattress care solutions.

  1. It adds to the overall look of your house
  2. Reduces the risk of breeding of allergens inside your house
  3. It removes dust and dirt
  4. Removes mites and bed bugs
Mattress Steam Cleaning Adelaide
Mattress Steam Cleaning Adelaide

Mattress Cleaning Process of Fresh Mattress Cleaning

We have qualified, experience, and trained technicians to provide absolute mattress cleaning services at most affordable prices. Our process involves:

  1. An effective mattress cleaning begins with removing all the dry particles from the mattress including soil and contaminants. We have strong vacuuming machines for this purpose.
  2. Once the dry dust is removed, it is important to kill all types of germs and contaminants. We do using special eco-friendly sprays that do not have any effect on humans and pets. And these are safe for the environment as well.
  3. When the mattress cleaning is done, we use anti-bacterial sprays to save it in future from bacterial and mould growth.
  4. Finally, our expert mattress cleaners perform mattress sanitization to ensure that you get healthier bedding.

Mattresses need to be professionally cleaned regularly even if you are cleaning them by home vacuum cleaners. Even if you feel your mattress doesn’t seem dirty, they are. Sometimes you become so habitual of it that you don’t realize when it changes colour. And at times the dirt and contaminants are residing deep within the fabric to cause serious health hazards to you and your family.

Call us today and switch to cleaner and safer mattresses!

Frequently Asked Questions on Mattress Cleaning Adelaide:

Is it really necessary to treat the mattress, and if so, how hard is it?

It is necessary to treat the mattress on a regular interval. If the gap of the treatment gets large then the cleaning process will become tougher. The work is a bulky and messy one. Call the professionals for the services and get the work done in a hassle-free manner. We have the best professionals for the service.

Will the mattress get wet?

The mattress does not get completely wet while the steam water is used to apply the cleaning agents over the surface. If the entire mattress will get wet then it will get damaged as the water can not be taken out properly. There will be some moist of the water which can be easily dried.

What type of mattresses do you clean?

We provide the professional service for the mattress cleaning so we are capable of cleaning all types of the mattress irrespective of the size and manufacturing material. We give the service of such standard that there will be no dirt or stain at the end of the service. So need not worry about the types of mattress at your place.

Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia

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Yes, you sure can. We understand that you need to get a rough idea about…

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How often should I have my mattress professionally cleaned?
It depends on numerous factors. You can get in touch with us to get a…

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Can you do mattress sanitizing?
Our mattress cleaning services at Fresh Mattress Cleaning Melbourne include a complete package for the…

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Can a mattress be Cleaned?

Obviously, Your dirty mattress which contains much of dust and trash can be cleaned easily and effectively by our well-trained and professional technicians. We use the best methods and reliable appliances.

No More Stains on My Mattress

There were several stains on my mattress that had made a permanent place there. I had given all the hopes for that it can look the way it was when bought new. Then, I got to know about Fresh Mattress Cleaning from my sister. As soon as I heard about them, my next move was to call them and get the mattress cleaning quotations. They quoted me the best prices and reached my places at the given time. I have to say, I was completely impressed with the way they carried out their mattress cleaning results. There are no more stains on my mattress and it smells fresh once again. I recommend their services to everyone. Thumbs Up Fresh Mattress Cleaners!


Mattress Experts in Melbourne

I call them Mattress Experts because that is what they have been to me. All my mattresses stay clean because I get them cleaned by Fresh Mattress Cleaning. I love sleeping on clean and fresh mattress; all thanks to you. A highly recommended mattress cleaner in Melbourne.


Best mattress cleaning service provider

“I had rashes all over my body because of dust mites in the mattress. But after Fresh mattress cleaning my rashes disappeared. Thank you for your wonderful work. Highly appreciate.”

Lorry M. King

Must Learn Customer Services from Them

Fresh Mattress Cleaning Melbourne is a shining example of excellent service. A team of two people arrived at my home and apart from cleaning my mattresses they shared helpful advice in our first meeting. Both the cleaners were very friendly and fun to be around. I would definitely love to have them back in my home again whenever I need quick cleaning.

- Yvonne Wolvers

Best Mattress Dry Cleaners in Melbourne

Fresh Mattress Cleaning is the best mattress dry cleaner in Melbourne and I am saying this out of personal experience. I get my mattresses cleaned every year by professional cleaners and in the last 10 years I have tried almost 10 different companies because none was able to satisfy me. This year, I tried Fresh Mattress Cleaning and now I don’t have to look any further. They provided an experienced and professional cleaning and I am definitely going to choose them year after year for my mattresses.

Maddy Hanna

Regular Customer

My wife is allergic of dust mites and the doctors have suggested getting our mattresses professionally cleaned annually. This gives us a better sleep and also keeps my mattresses clean thereby extending its life. They are true professionals offering value for money for their mattress cleaning services. –


Mattress Cleaning and Stain Removal

We got our 4 mattresses cleaned by Fresh Mattress Cleaning Melbourne. They are true to their name. Our mattresses feel fresh and cleaner now. Moreover, we are unable to find any of those bad stains that were present before we handed our mattresses to the team of Fresh Mattress Cleaning. Thank you guys for a great cleaning service.

Jaye Price

Stunning Mattress Cleaning

We are among those people who change their bedsheet and think that their bedding is clean. But when our 5 year old son got allergy we came to know that it could be because of dirty mattresses. So we tried Fresh Mattress Cleaning Melbourne for the first time and hired them for mattress cleaning and mattress anti-allergen cleaning. I have to confess that they did a great job. The mattresses have been absolutely cleaned with eco-friendly solutions and the allergens are gone. Our son recovered within a month and he is fit now. Thanks to you for such a thorough cleaning service!

Terry Miller