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Mattress Mould Removal | Fresh Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Mould Removal

What is Mould On a Mattress? How to Get Rid of It?

When is the last time you took a good look all around the mattress, a place where you spend one-third of your time? Is that the time you laid your mattress or is it the last time you changed the mattress cover? If yes, chances or that you might be affected or yet to be affected by the moulds and dust mites. moulds are a more serious threat that you might not know unless identified in your mattress. Mattress like every other household item needs cleaning. Not just vacuum and a wipe with a wet cloth, a deep cleaning involving vacuum, sanitizer, steaming and disinfectant for which you need a professional cleaning service.

If you are looking for one right now, Fresh Mattress Cleaning should serve you the best for mattress mould removal and getting back sporeless, odorless mattress once it was.

Mattress Mould Removal
Mattress Mould Removal

What is Mould?

mould is a fungus in the form of multicellular filaments on the top of the mattress fiber. mould and mildew both are fungi common to occur in mattresses. They form as circles originating from a point called mould spores. These unlike other infections on the bed do not cause direct allergies or disease. For reference, mould looks like fungus on old untouched food but often seen as sediments upon regular use of mattress and continuous application of force.

How to Identify Mould Spores?

  • Mould spores have the nature of not differentiable when they are up to a certain stage of growth. Only when they grow completely, they are of different color noticeable to the human eye. So, it is not possible to identify in the initial stage and treat them.
  • When grown, moulds are found as patches or spores which is like a faded marking in a set of small circles on the surface of the mattress. They will have a different look and texture to them compared to a stain or paint. They are not scrub-able with brushes or cloth.
  • Smell is evident when there have covered a large area of the mattress fiber. A mild pungent smell not noticeable unless you lie on them reveals the presence of the fungus.

Examine your mattresses frequently, at least once a month while you change the bed cover and all other garments used over the mattress. Take a closer look and check for the dampness of the mattress too.

Mattress Cleaning Service
Mattress Cleaning Service

What Does a Mould Spore Cause?

A mould, though does not make noticeable changes or allergies to your body, causes a lot of discomfort during sleep and afterward. Exposure to mould can cause headaches, skin inflammation, itchy eyes and exhaustion which are all common problems you might not doubt to be caused by mould. Constant exposure to mould results in unpleasant sleep due to these factors leading to tired and grumpy mood all day.

How to Prevent Mould Growth?

Dampness is the key to mould growth. Never leave your mattress damp for any reason. Urination of kids or excessive sweat of your own can dampen your mattress. In any such situation dry the mattress manually or exposing to the sun as soon as possible. Frequently change the mattress cover and pillow cover and check for differences at least once in a month. Use disinfectant sprays in the same frequency to stop the fungal growth. Sunlight and airflow can also reduce the risk of mould spores on the mattress which can be achieved by leaving your windows open all day with the exception of winter season as dampness and humidity favors mould.

How to Eradicate Mould in The Mattress?

Mattress mould removal is not an easy task to do, but can be done by following these steps,

  • Remove all of the bed coverings and pillows from the mattress and get a close examination to identify the presence of spores all around the mattress.
  • Use rubbing alcohol or professional cleaning solution to deal with the mould. Dip a dry cloth in the solution and crush it to remove excess liquid and then rub the spores until you see the color vanishing.
  • Then do the same with the very little amount of warm water soaked. This is to remove the solution and the rubbed fungus from the surface of the mattress.
  • Then use a disinfectant to spray over the bed in minimum quantities to eradicate fungus growth from inside.
  • Let the mattress in direct sunlight to dry for at least 3 hours exposing both the sides of the mattress. This will act as a great disinfectant and an evaporator for all the liquid we used.
  • Finally, give it a finishing touch with little deodorizer and disinfectant wiped on the top later to make sure of the mattress mould removal.  
Expert Mattress Mould Removal
Expert Mattress Mould Removal

This task eradicates the mould and other bacterial growth up to 95% percentage. If you are not satisfied and expect more surety in your mattress sanity, call Mattress Cleaning Services near you. Their dealing with the mould will be more complex using professional methods along with tried and tested specific cleaners to rub off the fungus in no time. They must also be available with mattress steamers so that you need not worry even if the sun fails to shine the day you clean your mattress. Check out Fresh Mattress Cleaning for excellent mattress mould removal and sanitation services and all other services related to carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning. Call them at 1300 223 762 for a free inspection and quote today.

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Can a mattress be Cleaned?

Obviously, Your dirty mattress which contains much of dust and trash can be cleaned easily and effectively by our well-trained and professional technicians. We use the best methods and reliable appliances.

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I call them Mattress Experts because that is what they have been to me. All my mattresses stay clean because I get them cleaned by Fresh Mattress Cleaning. I love sleeping on clean and fresh mattress; all thanks to you. A highly recommended mattress cleaner in Melbourne.


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“I had rashes all over my body because of dust mites in the mattress. But after Fresh mattress cleaning my rashes disappeared. Thank you for your wonderful work. Highly appreciate.”

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Fresh Mattress Cleaning Melbourne is a shining example of excellent service. A team of two people arrived at my home and apart from cleaning my mattresses they shared helpful advice in our first meeting. Both the cleaners were very friendly and fun to be around. I would definitely love to have them back in my home again whenever I need quick cleaning.

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My wife is allergic of dust mites and the doctors have suggested getting our mattresses professionally cleaned annually. This gives us a better sleep and also keeps my mattresses clean thereby extending its life. They are true professionals offering value for money for their mattress cleaning services. –


Mattress Cleaning and Stain Removal

We got our 4 mattresses cleaned by Fresh Mattress Cleaning Melbourne. They are true to their name. Our mattresses feel fresh and cleaner now. Moreover, we are unable to find any of those bad stains that were present before we handed our mattresses to the team of Fresh Mattress Cleaning. Thank you guys for a great cleaning service.

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Stunning Mattress Cleaning

We are among those people who change their bedsheet and think that their bedding is clean. But when our 5 year old son got allergy we came to know that it could be because of dirty mattresses. So we tried Fresh Mattress Cleaning Melbourne for the first time and hired them for mattress cleaning and mattress anti-allergen cleaning. I have to confess that they did a great job. The mattresses have been absolutely cleaned with eco-friendly solutions and the allergens are gone. Our son recovered within a month and he is fit now. Thanks to you for such a thorough cleaning service!

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