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Mattress Sanitising Services | Fresh Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Sanitising Services


A Mattress can be the last thing on list to take care off, however it is the most important thing as we spend more off 10 hours relaxing on it. Stains, Dirt and Mites can create an odour which require proper sanitizing, as having odors in the mattress can actually ruin your image on social front. Everything – yes, everything that you own works better if they are well  maintained.

Mattress Sanitising Services
Mattress Sanitising Services

Why You Need to Sanitize Your Mattress?

Mattresses Too Need Care – and hence, the airing, cleaning and sanitizing becomes essential or else, mattresses can build up dust mites, bacteria, allergens and such, and can pose a serious health risk.

So, how can we protect the mattresses? How do we sanitize them? How do we ensure that our mattresses don’t cause us any harm? It goes without saying that the mattresses need to be cleaned and stain-free so as to keep looking like new, but do you know – you can even sanitize them to get them fresh and ensuring you that they stand the test of time.

The main reason for Mattress Cleaning Services is to get rid of odours and germs , so that it remains hygienic enough to be used by little one.

How We Sanitize The Mattress?

Antibacterial cleansers are exactly one thing we use to sanitize the mattress completely as  they remove harmful bacteria and prevent them from coming back. If you are thinking of using antibacterial cleansers on your mattress, do take note that they are not bleach or else, they are going to harm the fibers and covers of your mattress.

Preparation You Need to Do Before Anti-Bacterial Cleanser is Used for Sanitizing The Mattress By Us;

  • Before using the antibacterial cleanser, it is recommended that you vacuum the mattress once so that the time can be saved and thorough sanitising so as to remove the dust, allergens and other harmful particles.
  • Once the Fresh Mattress Cleaning professional sanitize the mattress with cleanser, make sure to leave it as the same for some time.
  • Let the mattress dry out completely before adding a cover to it.

How Often Should You Get Your Mattress Sanitized?

If possible, a mattress needs to be sanitized at least two to three times a month – but doing it once a month will also work wonders.

But the answer to this question will depend on numerous factors – say, for example, if you or any of your family members had caught the flu, then, the mattress needs to be sanitized as soon as possible, that is, right after you recover.

Mattress Sanitising Service
Mattress Sanitising Service

Here, at Fresh Mattress Cleaning, we know just how important it is to sanitize a mattress – after all, an unclean mattress is the perfect breeding ground for dust mites, allergens and who knows what else? A mere sheet won’t protect you from those – you need something much more – and that’s why, we recommend going for ‘mattress sanitizing services’.

At Fresh Mattress Cleaning, our mattress sanitizing services are quite different from others – we don’t prefer the usual traditional methods – rather, we use cutting edge technologies that will help to sanitize your mattress by making it 99.9% free from all harmful particles and in return, giving you a totally sanitized mattress that has set the standards in the industry, and thus, making us a top-tier mattress sanitizing company to go for.

Want to test it for yourselves? How about giving us a call today? Contact us at 1300 223 762 to get an estimate today.

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Can a mattress be Cleaned?

Obviously, Your dirty mattress which contains much of dust and trash can be cleaned easily and effectively by our well-trained and professional technicians. We use the best methods and reliable appliances.

No More Stains on My Mattress

There were several stains on my mattress that had made a permanent place there. I had given all the hopes for that it can look the way it was when bought new. Then, I got to know about Fresh Mattress Cleaning from my sister. As soon as I heard about them, my next move was to call them and get the mattress cleaning quotations. They quoted me the best prices and reached my places at the given time. I have to say, I was completely impressed with the way they carried out their mattress cleaning results. There are no more stains on my mattress and it smells fresh once again. I recommend their services to everyone. Thumbs Up Fresh Mattress Cleaners!


Mattress Experts in Melbourne

I call them Mattress Experts because that is what they have been to me. All my mattresses stay clean because I get them cleaned by Fresh Mattress Cleaning. I love sleeping on clean and fresh mattress; all thanks to you. A highly recommended mattress cleaner in Melbourne.


Best mattress cleaning service provider

“I had rashes all over my body because of dust mites in the mattress. But after Fresh mattress cleaning my rashes disappeared. Thank you for your wonderful work. Highly appreciate.”

Lorry M. King

Must Learn Customer Services from Them

Fresh Mattress Cleaning Melbourne is a shining example of excellent service. A team of two people arrived at my home and apart from cleaning my mattresses they shared helpful advice in our first meeting. Both the cleaners were very friendly and fun to be around. I would definitely love to have them back in my home again whenever I need quick cleaning.

- Yvonne Wolvers

Best Mattress Dry Cleaners in Melbourne

Fresh Mattress Cleaning is the best mattress dry cleaner in Melbourne and I am saying this out of personal experience. I get my mattresses cleaned every year by professional cleaners and in the last 10 years I have tried almost 10 different companies because none was able to satisfy me. This year, I tried Fresh Mattress Cleaning and now I don’t have to look any further. They provided an experienced and professional cleaning and I am definitely going to choose them year after year for my mattresses.

Maddy Hanna

Regular Customer

My wife is allergic of dust mites and the doctors have suggested getting our mattresses professionally cleaned annually. This gives us a better sleep and also keeps my mattresses clean thereby extending its life. They are true professionals offering value for money for their mattress cleaning services. –


Mattress Cleaning and Stain Removal

We got our 4 mattresses cleaned by Fresh Mattress Cleaning Melbourne. They are true to their name. Our mattresses feel fresh and cleaner now. Moreover, we are unable to find any of those bad stains that were present before we handed our mattresses to the team of Fresh Mattress Cleaning. Thank you guys for a great cleaning service.

Jaye Price

Stunning Mattress Cleaning

We are among those people who change their bedsheet and think that their bedding is clean. But when our 5 year old son got allergy we came to know that it could be because of dirty mattresses. So we tried Fresh Mattress Cleaning Melbourne for the first time and hired them for mattress cleaning and mattress anti-allergen cleaning. I have to confess that they did a great job. The mattresses have been absolutely cleaned with eco-friendly solutions and the allergens are gone. Our son recovered within a month and he is fit now. Thanks to you for such a thorough cleaning service!

Terry Miller